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This site is about the TC Electronic G-Force guitar effects processor. It's not affiliated with TC Electronic. If you don't own a G-Force but consider buying one there's a G-Force review. If you have further questions about the G-Force you can join the TC Electronic G-Force forum, download the manual from TC Electronic or search/ask at TC Electronic Support.

News and updates - September 22nd, 2018

Voes Midiboards added.

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Setup and hardware The effect blocks Programming Tips and tricks
Warnings & precautions Gate Effect block routing Noise prevention
Levels Compressor Mute modes Make CPRs & Gates
Setup with amp or mixer Filter Internal modifiers Input & output panning
Advanced amp setup Panner/Tremolo Seamless preset change Fixed starting point LFO
The Killdry Pitch Combining presets Save modifier settings
MIDI boards Delay Tempo Two players, one G-Force
List of MIDI boards Drive Mono input effects Make an effect loop
External modifiers Chorus/Flanger Linkable parameters The PIT Custom scale
Memory cards Reverb Software bugs Control & bypass Wah
SysEx file transfer Speaker filter Software versions DLY & PIT factory presets
G-Force on stages Ping-pong tremolo/delay
Balanced cables Handheld controller
Basic audio electronics